Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bulger Safe House? No Link to City Councilor

Nondescript home on Dana Street, Cambridge MA is now padlocked since James Bulger is in custody. Sixteen years as a "fugitive," vacationing in the Southern California beautiful people enclave of Santa Monica Bulger mingled with the Hollywood crowd. Some allege that FBI agents protected him better than ordinary civilians in the WITSEC (Witness Security) program. He had guns, money and freedom to travel.

This Dana Street home, some believe, was used as a safe house for the Bulger Crime family which was always welcome in Cambridge.

Authorities familiar with Bulger atrocities speaking on condition of anonymity, said "There is no evidence that this was a safe house for Bulger's crews. Those plastic containers in the driveway are the kind used to transport body parts. But there is no evidence that these were used in that manner. Nor can anyone prove that any dismemberment took place at this location. It may have been used for parties with under aged teens, but no evidence remains."

The property line of this lot touches the property line of a million dollar home on Harvard Street owned by long term career politician Ken Reeves. Arriving in Cambridge as a poor student from Detroit, Councilor Reeves now owns this upscale home. He saw his opportunities and he took them. Investigators insist there is no link between any Cambridge City Councilor and the Bulger crime family. A reliable source said, "Just because properties touch does not create a link between the owners or tenants of properties."

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